Panty sniffer punishment

Panty Sniffer Punishment

Panty Sniffer Punishment

If you are a panty sniffer (and really who isn’t?) the moral here is you should make sure that the owner of said panties is good and gone for the day before you do your deed otherwise you will end up like poor Paul here. It seems that while the girls were on set he decided to sneak in their dressing room and rummage through their things to find panties that were nice and used for him to sniff. Unfortunately for him they came back to the dressing room early because the lighting wasn’t ready (Old Man Hornbuckle was having some drama with one of his grips and that set in motion a series of advents that lead to the shoot being delayed). Paul tried to hide under the desk to avoid detection but that was an ill fated decision as a grown man hiding under a desk is sort of hard to miss. As his punishment the girls forced him to strip naked so they could look at his exposed cock and laugh at it and call him a pervert. Much to their surprise this actually aroused Paul which left them only one course of action: jerk him off until he exploded in a massive orgasm all over their clothes.

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